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On occasion the artist will exhibit quilts. If you are interested in upcoming exhibits, please contact the artist.

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QUILTS by Marjie Cahn are a celebration of life and are life sustaining.

  • Does your office need livening up? Your home? A loved one’s home?
  • Bring color to your life! Bring color to your walls!

Color, Caring and Compassion, they are the benchmark of QUILTS BY MARJIE CAHN. Stitching is Marjie’s way of self expression, it is her way of connecting. Her art is a celebration of life.

"Marjie, I love your website!!!! It is the quintessential you!

What a wonderful range of visual imagery & commentary, and what a fantastic snapshot of your artistry."

Martha D

Celebration Quilts                 

Welcome a baby, Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation with QUILTS BY MARJIE CAHN. Ask her to create a Chuppah for your wedding.

Healing Quilts

Do you know someone with a chronic illness? Do you or your children or grandchildren get winter sniffles? Let the power of touch and the energy of fabric art contribute to healing. Commission a QUILT BY MARJIE CAHN.

Collaborative Quilts

Marjie will join your family event she will bring materials and supplies and will work together with your group to create a celebratory quilt. In one hour the creativity of you and your guests will shine!

Quote from a Recent Exhibit
“Magnificent quilts, excellent craftsmanship, I love the mix of styles and materials. These pieces have high energy and come alive. Many look like paintings. The colors are vibrant and reflect the garden.”


Commission a Quilt

Are you planning a celebration? For events from birth to 75th wedding anniversary and everything in between QUILTS BY MARJIE CAHN can make the event even more special

QUILTS BY MARJIE CAHN are uniquely brilliant and life affirming. The artist will honor your special color scheme to fit the event or the home of the recipient.